04 Feb – Talk by Vikram Panse

Prof. Vikram Panse, ETH Zürich, gives a talk titled “Exploring the interface between ribosome assembly and nucleocytoplasmic transport“.

Wednesday, 04/02/15 at 5 pm

Campus Riedberg, Biozentrum N100/0.15

Abstract: Eukaryotic ribosome assembly is a spectacular example of a highly dynamic and regulated process that spans different cellular territories: the nucleus, nucleoplasm and the cytoplasm. This poorly understood process, which begins in the nucleolus, requires >350 conserved transiently associating assembly factors, whose site(s) of action and precise function(s) on pre-ribosomal particles are beginning to be elucidated.

Further, production of ribosomes relies on an active functional nucleocytoplasmic transport machinery: the nuclear import machinery ensures delivery of newly synthesized ribosomal proteins to assembling pre-ribosomal particles in the nucleolus, the site of biogenesis, and the nuclear export machinery catalyses the transport of correctly assembled pre-ribosomal particles through nuclear pore complexes into the cytoplasm, the site of function. I will elaborate on two recent works from my laboratory that are beginning to illuminate the unchartered interface between the nucleocytoplasmic transport machinery and the ribosome assembly pathway.