05 Dec – Talk by Hiroyuki Asanuma

m_asanumaProf. Hiroyuki Asanuma, Nagoya University (Japan), gives a talk titled “De Novo Design of Functional Oligonucleotide with Acyclic Threoninol and Serinol”.

Thursday, 05/12/13 at 5:00 pm
Biocenter, N100/B2 – Campus Riedberg
Host: Alexander Heckel

Abstract: for the last decade, we have developed a methodology of designing functional DNA and RNA conjugated with base-surrogates prepared from D-threoninol. This design allows simple but effective and versatile modifications on natural oligonucleotides just changing functional molecules on threoninols. Furthermore, we recently developed new totally artificial nucleic acid from acyclic serinol named SNA, which can recognize both DNA and RNA. These findings strongly indicate natural (deoxy)ribose is not necessarily a prerequisite for stable duplex formation even with natural oligonucleotide. Here, I first show how we design functional oligonucleotides with threoninol and SNA, and demonstrate several applications such as to photoregulation of DNA and RNA functions, and super-sensitive probe for the fluorescent detection of DNA and RNA.