10 Jun – Talk by Christoph Kreutz

Christoph Kreutz, Leopold Franzens Universität Innsbruck, gives a talk titled “Advanced stable isotope labeling methods for RNA NMR spectroscopy“.

Wednesday, 10/06/15 at 5 pm
Campus Riedberg, Biozentrum N100 /1.14


Our research is focused on the development of advanced stable isotope labelling protocols for nucleic acids. Using chemo-enzymatic transformations site-specifically 13C/15N/2H- modified building blocks are amenable that can be either used for the solid phase chemical synthesis of RNA (i.e. synthesis of phosphoramidite building blocks) or for the enzymatic production of RNA by in vitro transcription (i.e. synthesis of ribonucleotide triphosphate building blocks). The building blocks currently available in our laboratory will be presented along with selected applications including CPMG relaxation dispersion experiments, ZZ- exchange NMR and paramagnetic relaxation enhancements studies.


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