Dear friends of RNA,

we are happy to announce the 5. RMU-RNA Salon event “Genomics approaches in RNA Biology”.

5. RMU-RNA Salon – Flyer

The RMU-RNA Salon is designed as a series of mini-symposia to bring together scientists interested in RNA biology within the Rhine-Main area to increase the awareness for available methods and to fuel the interactions:

When: Wednesday, October 24th 2018, 12:30 am – 6:30 pm

Where: Biomedizinisches Forschungszentrum (BMFZ) Marburg


Katja Strässer (IBC, JLU Gießen) – mRNA packaging & export

Presenting groups:

Arnold Grünweller (IPC, PU Marburg) – RNA viruses

Aline Koch (IPP, JLU Gießen) – RNAi in plants

Julien Bethune (BZH, Uni Heidelberg) – RBPs & endomembranes

Andreas Krueger (IMM, GU Frankfurt) – miRNAs & T-cell development

Marcel Schulz (ICR, GU Frankfurt) – Systems Biology

Jennifer Winter (IHG, JGU Mainz) – miRNAs & neuronal development

Please register for free at http://bit.do/RMU-RNA-Salon5 !

We cordially invite you to present your own research and meet with the speakers.

Abstracts for short talks and posters are welcome!