Guest Speaker – Marina Chekulaeva

On Tuesday, 05.11.2019, 5.15 pm


Marina Chekulaeva (Max-Delbrück-Zentrum, Berlin), will give an SFB 902 lecture:

„Mechanisms of RNA localization in neurons“.

Venue: Campus Riedberg, Lecture hall N260/3.13

Guests are welcome!
The proper subcellular localization of RNAs and proteins is crucial for their function. It is particularly important for highly polarized cells, such as oocytes, migrating andgrowing cells, neurons. In mRNAs, they are mediated by specific cis-regulatory elements, so called zip-codes. These elements are bound by trans-acting factors (RBPs, miRNAs), which regulate transport, stability or translation. So far, our knowledge is restricted to only a few examples of zip-codes and regulatory factors. We aim to identify these elements genome-wide and dissect molecular mechanisms underlying their function. To identify proteins and RNAs that are differentially localized and translated between neuronal subcellular compartments – neurites and soma – we developed a neurite/soma separation scheme in combination with mass spectrometry, RNA-seq, 3′-mRNAseq, Ribo-seq and bioinformatic analyses. Our results demonstrate that mRNA localization is the primary mechanism for protein localization in neurites and may account for more than a half of the neurite-localized proteome. Moreover, we identified multiple neurite-targeted non-coding RNAs and RBPs with potential regulatory roles. Using a combination of PAR-CLIP, RIP, and CRISPR/Cas-mediated knockouts, we are dissecting the roles of selected neurite-targeted RBPs and miRNAs in establishment of neuronal polarity. Relying on the same neurite/soma separation scheme, we are mapping cis-regulatory elements mediating RNA localization and investigating architecture of local proteome, transcriptome and translatome in motor neuron disorders.