Apr 24-28: International RNA Symposium

This International RNA symposium is the first symposium together with the SFB 960, University of Regensburg, Prof. Tschochner. The next symposium will be held in Regensburg.

Location: Campus Riedberg, Otto-Stern-Zentrum, Lecture Hall H2
Date: 24/04/ till Saturday, 28/04/2012

Abstract-Book incl. the final program here

Information on accommodation: Hotel rooms for speakers are organized, they are located at the nearby Courtyard Hotel. Participants are asked to book their accommodation individually. A listen of possible hotels is given here.

The following Speakers confirmed their participation:

Albrecht Bindereif
Universität Giessen
Tao Pan
University of Chicago
Victoria D’Souza
Harvard University
John Rossi
Beckman Research Inst.
Martha Fedor
Scripps California
Michael Sattler
TU München
Eduardo Groisman
Yale School of Medicine
William G. Scott
University of California
Jörg Hartig
Universität Konstanz
Holger Stark
MPI Göttingen
Thomas Hermann
University of California
Scott A. Strobel
Yale University
Claudia Höbartner
MPI Göttignen
Herbert Tschochner
Universität Regensburg
Aaron Hoskins
University of Wisconsin
Rolf Wagner
Elisa Izaurralde
MPI Tübingen
Jesper Wengel
University of Southern Denmark
Katrin Karbstein
Scripps Florida
Eric Westhof
Ailong Ke
Cornell University
Sandra Wolin
Yale School of Medicine
Gernot Längst
Universität Regensburg
Sarah Woodson
Johns Hopkins University
Patrick Linder
Université de Genève
Marat Yusupov
IGBMC Strasbourg
Gunter Meister
Universität Regensburg