Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG, Graduiertenkolleg)

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The primary aim of our PhD student programme is to provide excellent junior scientists with the skills required to carry out independent scientific research at an early stage of their career: creative but critical scientific thinking, fostering the independent design and management of research projects, the critical assessment of scientific programs and publications, as well as providing the techniques required to present scientific data.

The specific research projects of the integrated research training group are accompanied by a strong scientific education programme and additionally by courses on generic skills.

Research: Young scientists have to take responsibility for their own research project as early as possible. A mentoring committee consisting of the supervisor and two further PIs within the CRC will escort the PhD work during the whole period.

Scientific education: An important aspect will be a solid scientific education and an expansion of the scientific knowledge in RNA research beyond the focus of the own PhD project. Guest expert seminars, a scientific lecture series given by the PIs, an RNA club and  attending  a retreat (either winter or summer  school) will provide such education. Networking with neighbouring universities is encouraged (e.g. RNA reserach clubs in Marburg, Gießen and Mainz), national conferences as well as international scientific conference are supported.

Generic skills: the personal development of the students will also benefit from training in generic skills. Courses dealing with scientific writing and presentation skills, assessment of research projects, writing of grant applications and manuscripts, project management, career planning and good scientific practice are offered.

The specific scientific education will be the responsibility of the IRTG of CRC. The training in generic skills will be provided by the Goethe Graduate Academy GRADE.

The Integrated Research Training Group is chaired by the Vice Speaker of the CRC, Prof. Beatrix Süss.

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