Projects and project groups

Part A, improving methods for RNA research:

  • A1 (Harald Schwalbe) – Conformational dynamics of RNA regulation elements studied by NMR spectroscopy
  • A2 (Beatrix Süß) – Development and characterization of engineered riboswitches
  • A3 (Thomas Prisner) – Structure and conformational flexibility of RNA studied by EPR spectroscopy
  • A6 (Alexander Heckel) – Light-responsive riboswitches and miRNA activity
  • A7 (Josef Wachtveitl) – Molecular dynamics of RNA model systems studied by time-resolved optical and IR spectroscopy
  • A8 (Mike Heilemann) – Quantitative mapping of synaptic proteins and mRNA
    in neurons & a nano-analytical platform to probe binding mechanisms of
    RNA-binding proteins
  • A9 (Gerhard Hummer) – Molecular Simulations of RNA Folding and Function
  • A11 (Nadine Schwierz-Neumann) – Regulating RNA by Cations – Insights from Molecular

Part B,  investigating relevant RNA systems:

  • B2 (Stefanie Dimmeler) – Cell type-specific and stress-modulated microRNA
    target regulation
  • B5 (Achilleas Frangakis) – Visualization of the RNA-Polymerase III Complete Transcription Cycle and the Bacterial Expressome by Cryo-Electron Tomography
  • B7 (Robert Tampé) – Control of mRNA translation by the ribosome recycling factor ABCE1
  • B9 (Enrico Schleiff) – The function of plant specific RNA and protein elements in ribosome biogenesis
  • B11 (Erin Schuman & Alexander Heckel) – New tools to study the dynamics of RNA and RNP distribution in neuronal cells
  • B12 (Martin Hengesbach) – Structural dynamics of eukaryotic H/ACA complexes
  • B13 (Michaela Müller-McNicoll & Katharina Zarnack) – Dissecting the regulatory mechanisms of alternative polyadenylation and nuclear retention of mRNAs by SR proteins
  • B14 (Julia E. Weigand) – RNA Biology, mRNA structure, Post-transcriptional gene regulation, RNA-protein-interactions
  • B15 (Andreas Krueger) – Identification of miRNA Targeting Hierarchies in Lymphocyte Development
  • B16 (Andreas Schlundt) – Target cis elements of the RNA-binding protein Arid5a in inflammatory cytokine-based diseases
  • B17 (Jens Wöhnert & Helge Bode) – Function, mechanism and structural basis for the regulation of gene expression by small regulatory RNAs (sRNAs) in gamma-proteobacteria