A02 – Beatrix Süß

Development, characterization and application of engineered riboswitches

Engineered riboswitches emerge as important tool for the control of gene expression. We developed riboswitches for constitutive and alternative splicing in mammalian cells, which allow the control of intron retention and exon skipping. In the following funding period we will develop the system towards an easily and universally applicable tool for the control of splicing. In addition, we aimed to select aptamer domains and will now extend it to directly screen for translationally controlled riboswitches. This will enlarge the toolbox of engineered RNA-based regulatory devices with the emphasis on improving activity, robustness and reliability of riboswitch regulation.


Beatrix Süß (Principal Investigator)
Jeannine Jäger
Franziska Engel
Stephen Peter
Adam Mol
Thea Lotz