A03 – Thomas Prisner

Structure and conformational flexibility of RNA studied by EPR spectroscopy

The focus of this project is on the investigation of structure and flexibility of regulatory RNAs on an atomistic level by pulsed EPR methods. For this purpose, we developed and evaluated PELDOR (Pulsed Electron Electron Double Resonance) for oligonucleotides including new types of rigid spin labels. During the new funding period, we want to use the method to: (I) investigate in detail the conformational flexibility of small RNA motives, (II) further develop the method to access physiological conditions and (III) apply the methodology to obtain structural restraints on protein-RNA complexes.


Thomas Prisner (Principal Investigator)
Nicole Erlenbach
Claudia  Maria Grytz
Thilo Hetzke
Jörn Plackmeyer