A07 – Prof. Wachtveitl

Molecular dynamics of natural and modified RNAs studied by time-resolved optical spectroscopy

This project aims at developing spectroscopic triggers and/or probes to initiate and report conformational dynamics in specifically tailored RNA model systems using time-resolved optical and IR spectroscopy. In particular, we will monitor RNA folding and hybridization dynamics with specific spectroscopic labels. We will 1) report how fast structural changes propagate across RNA via pyrene labels introduced in the neomycin binding aptamer, 2) use spiropyran- and azobenzene-based photoswitches to generate photo-responsive aptamers and to address the de-/hybridization dynamics of RNA, 3) identify the main determinants for structural preformation of the tetracycline binding aptamer in kinetic experiments.


Josef Wachtveitl (Principal Investigator)
Andreas Reuss
Christoph Kaiser
Henrik Gustmann