A08 – Mike Heilemann & Erin Schuman

Monitoring of RNA-regulated expression of synaptic proteins

Synaptic activity is coupled to protein copy numbers, which are regulated by the presence of mRNA and miRNA. We will quantify protein and RNA copy numbers directly in cells, and perform a neuron-wide landscape analysis with single-molecule resolution. We aim to determine protein copy numbers (e.g. GluA1) in individual synapses, correlate copy numbers to activity and plasticity, and compare individual synapses within the same and among different cells. We have developed microscopic tools to quantify protein copy numbers, including strategies for target labelling and data analysis. We will develop novel concepts for direct, specific und multiplexed labelling and quantification of mRNA.


Mike Heilemann (Principal Investigator)
Erin Schuman (Principal Investigator)
Nina Deußner
Carolin Böger