B02 – Stefanie Dimmeler

Hypoxia controlled non-coding RNAs

The importance of non-coding RNAs as regulators of gene expression has only recently been fully appreciated. Here, we propose to study the regulation and function of a novel hypoxia-induced long non-coding RNA, which we named Hyp_up_1. We plan to determine the function of Hyp_up_1 in cellular angiogenesis assays and elucidate the molecular mechanisms by which Hyp_up_1 is regulating endothelial cell functions. Based on preliminary studies documenting that Hyp_up_1 is associated with silencing H3K27me3 marks, we hypothesis that it may act as epigenetic regulator of gene expression.


Stefanie Dimmeler (Principal Investigator)
Nicolas Jaé
Philipp Neumann