B03 – H. Ulrich Göringer

Genome-wide analysis of RNA-recognition elements in African trypanosomes

African trypanosomes represent medically important parasites that cause African Sleeping Sickness. The parasites are single cell eukaryotic organisms that execute several unusual RNA-based phenomena (trans-splicing, RNA editing etc.), which rely on RNA-interacting polypeptides and RNA-regulatory elements to shape the structure of all gene regulatory networks. Here, we propose to decipher the putative mRNA recognition elements in trypanosomes in a “genome-wide” analysis. We suggest to globally probe mRNA secondary structure combining in vitro and in vivo approaches. The results will be scrutinized whether they can be used to design RNA-based, parasite-specific therapeutic intervention strategies.


H. Ulrich Göringer (Principal Investigator and Vice Speaker)
Christin Voigt
Matthias Leeder