B05 – Achilleas Frangakis

Analysis of RNA polymerase I dependant transcription by cryo electron tomography

The analysis of the mutual interactions of the macromolecules composing “Miller trees” are the focus of the work. Actively transcribing RNA polymerase I complexes with pre-ribosomal complexes folding from the nascent rRNA chains will be structurally characterized after cryo-electron tomography. Aided by correlative light and electron microscopy and after subtomogram averaging and classification a time-resolved picture of the co-transcriptionally assembling complexes will be generated. Additionally, RNA polymerase and ribosomes within Mycoplasma cells will be mapped by pattern recognition within cryo-electron tomograms aiming at structural detail within the natural unperturbed environment.


Achilleas Frangakis (Principal Investigator)
Anja Seybert
Valentin Hodirnau