B09 – Enrico Schleiff

RNA and protein elements involved in plant ribosome biogenesis

Ribosomes are the largest known ribonucleoprotein particle and harbour multiple RNA-ligand interactions. The general principles of the maturation pathway are very ancient with species-specific variations. Initial studies document that about 70% of the known proteome involved in this process are conserved in the eukaryotic kingdom. Nevertheless, the biogenesis of plant ribosomes and the tissue and developmental regulation of the process is largely unknown. Thus, the proteome of ribosome assembly factors has to be established to describe the molecular details of rRNA, snoRNA and protein interactions required for the maturation of ribosomal subunits.


Enrico Schleiff (Principal Investigator)
Deniz Streit
Jelena Kovacevic
Anida Mesihovic
Stefan Simm
Sotirios Fragkostefanakis