Publication – Corzilius, Suess

Dynamic nuclear polarization of nucleic acid with endogenously bound manganese.

Wenk P, Kaushik M, Richter D, Vogel M, Suess B, Corzilius B. J Biomol NMR. 2015 Sept. Abstract or full publication here.

We report the direct dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) of (13)C nuclei of a uniformly [(13)C,(15)N]-labeled, paramagnetic full-length hammerhead ribozyme (HHRz) complex with Mn(2+) where the enhanced polarization is fully provided by the endogenously bound metal ion and no exogenous polarizing agent is added. A (13)C enhancement factor of ε = 8 was observed by intra-complex DNP at 9.4 T. In contrast, “conventional” indirect and direct DNP experiments were performed using AMUPol as polarizing agent where we obtained a (1)H enhancement factor of ε ≈ 250. Comparison with the diamagnetic (Mg(2+)) HHRz complex shows that the presence of Mn(2+) only marginally influences the (DNP-enhanced) NMR properties of the RNA. Furthermore two-dimensional correlation spectra ((15)N-(13)C and (13)C-(13)C) reveal structural inhomogeneity in the frozen, amorphous state indicating the coexistence of several conformational states. These demonstrations of intra-complex DNP using an endogenous metal ion as well as DNP-enhanced MAS NMR of RNA in general yield important information for the development of new methods in structural biology.