Publication – Heckel

Rapid synthetic access to caged RNA.

Rodrigues-Correia A, Stoess T, Wilhelm J, Berlin B, Heckel A. IJC-A. 2013 Aug. Abstract or full publication here.

Light-activatable RNA with “caged” nucleobases is a versatile tool for light-control of RNA interference, riboswitch folding or miRNA or ribozyme action. Till date the respective caged and protected phosphoramidites for the solid-phase RNA synthesis are obtained in lengthy syntheses. Herein we explore the use of convertible nucleoside residues for a rapid access to nucleobase-caged RNA. In these studies we have also prepared the first RNA with a caging group on an N2-position of a guanosine. The obtained caged sequences are compared in their duplex destabilizing ability via melting temperature measurements.