Publication – Schwalbe, Fürtig, Hengesbach

Rapid NMR screening of RNA secondary structure and binding.

Helmling C, Keyhani S, Sochor F, Fürtig B, Hengesbach M, Schwalbe H. J. Biomol. NMR., 2015 Jul 19. Abstractor full publication here.

Determination of RNA secondary structures by NMR spectroscopy is a useful tool e.g. to elucidate RNA folding space or functional aspects of regulatory RNA elements. However, current approaches of RNA synthesis and preparation are usually time-consuming and do not provide analysis with single nucleotide precision when applied for a large number of different RNA sequences. Here, we significantly improve the yield and 3′ end homogeneity of RNA preparation by in vitro transcription. Further, by establishing a native purification procedure with increased throughput, we provide a shortcut to study several RNA constructs simultaneously. We show that this approach yields μmol quantities of RNA with purities comparable to PAGE purification, while avoiding denaturation of the RNA.