Publication – Schwalbe, Heckel

Characterization of the conformational dynamics of bistable RNAs by equilibrium and non-equilibrium NMR methods.

Fürtig B, Reining A, Sochor F, Oberhauser EM, Heckel A, Schwalbe H. Curr. Prot. in Nucl. Acid Chem., 2013 Dec. Abstract or full publication here.

Unlike proteins, a given RNA sequence can adopt more than a single conformation. The two (or more) conformations are long‐lived and have similar stabilities, but interconvert only slowly. Such bi‐ or multistability is often linked to the biological functions of the RNA. This unit describes how nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy can be used to characterize the conformational dynamics of bistable RNAs.