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6th RNA Salon

The 6th RNA Salon will take place on April 8th, 2019 — 12:30 pm 

Venue: FIAS Campus Riedberg — Room 0.100

6. RMU-RNA Salon – Flyer(1)


Presenting groups:

Reinier Boon (ICR, GU Frankfurt) – lncRNAs & aging

Sven Danckwardt (CTH, JGU Mainz) – alternative polyadenylation

Christoph Dieterich (DZHK, Heidelberg) – computational RNA biology

Martin Hengesbach (IOCCB, GU Frankfurt) – dynamics of RNA modifications

Meike Saul (Biology, TU Darmstadt) – extracellular RNAs

Jennifer Winter (IHG, JGU Mainz) – miRNAs & neurobiology

We have also 4 Short talks from selected abstracts! The best talk will win a price sponsored by GeneXPro!

Please register until thursday, 4.4.2019 for free at!

We cordially invite you to stay for diner and meet with the speakers.


Michaela Müller-McNicoll (Ph.D.)

Juniorprofessor “RNA Regulation in Higher Eukaryotes”

Cluster of Excellence Macromolecular Complexes (CEF)
Goethe University Frankfurt
Institute for Cell Biology and Neuroscience
Max-von-Laue-Str. 13
60438 Frankfurt am Main

Tel: 069 798 42079

2nd RMU-RNA Salon

On Wednesday, June 28, the Goethe-Universität Frankfurt, in association with the SFB 902 and the RNA Society, will host the 2nd RNA Salon of the Rhein-Main Universitäten Associacion. Keynote Speaker will be Erin Schuman of the MPI for Brain Research, who recently received her second ERC advanced grant.

Presenting Groups:

AG Legewie (IMB Mainz) – Modelling of Biological Networks

AG Preußer (BCI, JLU Gießen) – CircRNAs & Exosomes

AG Randau (MPI Marburg) – Small RNomics & RIP-seq

AG Roignant (IMB Mainz) – RNA Modifications

AG Schmidt (IBC1, GU Frankfurt) – Ribo-seq

AG Zarnack (BMLS, GU Frankfurt) – Computational RNA Biology

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Publication – Müller-McNicoll, Zarnack

SR proteins are NXF1 adaptors that link alternative RNA processing to mRNA export.

Müller-McNicoll M, Botti V, De Jesus Domingues AM, Brandl H, Schwich OD, Steiner MC, Curk T, Poser I, Zarnack K, Neugebauer KM. Genes & Developement 2016 Mar 1. Abstract   Read more …